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The foundations of Karat Güç Sistemleri were laid in 1995 with battery distribution service. The company launched foreign importation activities in 1998 after being influenced by the developing market..

The factory constructed in TOSB Organized Industrial Site went into action in the year 2004 with the manufacturing decision. The first exportation from the factory has followed this progress. In the same year, OES battery shipping agreement was realized with Ford, one of the leading brands in automotive industry and the supply of Ford-labeled batteries was started. The brands such as Peugeot, Renault Trucks, Scania, Honda, Toyota, Temsa, Doğuş Otomotiv have followed this success and Karat Güç has become an important OES supplied in the sector.

After Karat Güç have purchased Delphi Battery Department of Johnson Controls International (JCI), the leader battery manufacturer of the world, interviews and cooperation with JCI have started. Varta took on the distributorship of the batteries of Varta, the leading battery brand of the world, in 2005 and the batteries of Energizer and Optima in 2007 throughout Turkey and the peripheral countries. In the year 2012, the Turkey distributorship of Safa Akü within the body of JCI and Comma Oil being the prominent oil brand of England was taken over.

In 2013, Johnson Controls announces joint-venture with Karat Güç Sistemleri A.Ş. to serve the automotive battery market in Turkey.

Today Karat Güç, renewing and developing itself with the world brands of which it takes over the distributorship, is the main sales and marketing point of the powerful world brands such as VARTA, ENERGIZER, OPTIMA, FREEDOM and SAFA.